Passion, Purpose, Persistence

Sometimes it’s good to be reminded about the purpose and mission of Southern Soil and why it is I do what I do.

The Ferguson family of Hunter Cattle Co. being “placed” by Tara. :)

The Ferguson family of Hunter Cattle Co. being “placed” by Tara. :)

Today was one of those days.

I spent the afternoon at Hunter Cattle (just outside of Brooklet), learning more about the Ferguson family and their wonderful farm for an article I’m writing which will be in our upcoming issue. I’m already quite familiar with this farm because they have played a huge part in my own personal food journey.

My venture into local and sustainable food all got started because of my passion for animals and concern for animal welfare. The day that I became aware of the atrocities of our meat industry in this country is the day I began looking for local alternatives and found two farms nearby that were producing humanely raised meats, Hunter Cattle and Savannah River Farms. I became a loyal customer and have never looked back!

So, it was a special joy for me today to be back at one of the farms that helped get me started on this journey more than 10 years ago.

Sharing my own passion as a consumer for food that is grown and raised in such a way that takes care of the animal and the environment (and by extension our own health) and sharing the stories of our local food systems and the people behind them is the reason I started Southern Soil.

As anyone who starts a new business can attest - it ain’t easy. It is, however, easy to get discouraged, easy to lose sight of the big picture and easy to question whether it’s all worthwhile.

So, days like today are important. Because it’s good to be reminded that when passion meets purpose and is driven by persistence … great things can happen!

I’m looking forward to great things that we will accomplish as a community of producers, consumers and advocates of local food produced sustainably.

Let’s grow together!

A big THANK YOU to the Hunter Cattle family for hosting me today! And a shoutout to Tara Ruby who did the photography for this upcoming article (the photos in this post are mine, you’ll have to wait for the issue to publish to see hers!) :) Be sure to check out our Issue #4 when it is published later this month which will feature family farms and kids and agriculture. Until then, check out some of these fun photos from the farm today … all that cuteness and some hard work too!