Thank you!

This post is long overdue.

thank you southern soil.jpeg

There are many people who have supported me along this journey and have made it possible for Southern Soil to exist. But today I really want to single out three people, without whom this magazine would not exist either at all or at the very least, in its current form.

The first person I have to thank is my sister, Kelly White. She has not only been my life-long cheerleader, number one supporter, life coach, teacher and best friend; but she is also the very talented graphic designer behind each and every issue of Southern Soil.

She has been remarkably generous to me in wholeheartedly supporting my passion and my endeavors with Southern Soil. All while remaining behind the scenes, giving up her valuable free time during evenings and weekends.

I am humbled and honored to be her sister, friend, and cohort. Thank you, Kelly for all that you have done to help make my dream a reality!

Jeremy Gove is second on my list to thank today! He is the person responsible for putting together this beautifully designed website. If you need a website for your business, please consider Jeremy and FoxFire Media for the job. He not only has a great eye for design, but has the technical know-how to get things done. He has been infinitely patient with me as I learned to navigate my way through Squarespace (a platform I have really enjoyed using, btw).

I should also note, Jeremy’s wife Sarah was my editor for a couple of years at the Claxton Enterprise and I really need to thank her as well for really helping me become a better writer! They have both been good friends and such an encouragement to me over the years that we have known each other.

And last but not least, I’d like to thank Brian Litch who is a friend, a Navy vet, and a Methodist Pastor. A little over one year ago when I was in the process of trying to get this magazine thing going and it was all still abstract ideas floating around in my head, I posted on Facebook a synopsis of what I was working on and asked for suggestions for a name.

Within about 5 minutes, Brian responded with “Southern Soil” and I knew as soon as I saw it that was THE name. It sums up beautifully everything that this platform is and what I hope it will grow to become.

So, THANK YOU, to each of you who have given of your time and creativity to help make Southern Soil a reality. I’m forever grateful!

This first year was incredible and I’m really looking forward to 2019!

LeeAnna Tatum, editor/publisher